We serve the National School Meal Program Combo Lunch and Combo Breakfast. RHS uses a Point-of-Sale (POS) system that allows students to pre-pay on their account and use their student ID cards to debit their account for breakfast or lunch. Students can purchase meals with their pre-paid / credited account or with cash. A Combo Breakfast can be purchased for $2.00 and a Combo Lunch for $3.00. Combo meals are the best “meal deals” on campus. Combo Breakfast includes a choice of 14 entrees, two side dishes and milk. Combo Lunch includes a choice of 20+ entrees, salad, fruit bar and milk.


A la carte items include:

Snapple - $1.25/ Water - $1.00/Gatorade $1.25

String Cheese - $.50/Milk - $.25/Fresh Fruit - $.50/ Yogurt Parfait $1.50

Chips - $.75/Brownie - $.75/Cookie - $.50/Assorted Snacks - $.50 to $.75

Assorted Salads - $2.00/Deli Sandwich - $2.00/Turkey Bacon Wrap - $1.50/ Uncrustable - $1.25

Bean Burrito - $1.25/Pizza Pocket - $1.25/Chickenburger - $1.75/Spicy Chickenburger - $1.75/

Cheeseburger - $1.75/ Corn Dog - $1.00 / Domino’s Pizza - $1.75/Bagel w/cream cheese - $1.25


Free or Reduced-Price Meals

Our district participates in the National School Lunch Program and the School Breakfast Program which provides breakfast and lunch at no cost to students who are eligible.  Our district does not charge for reduced price meals.  Applications are available from each school's cafeteria and the community liaison and at the link on this page.   Students are automatically eligible for free meals if they are recipients of services through CalWorks, Food Stamps, Kin-GAP, FDPIR and the Migrant Education Department.  Students that are Homeless are also automatically eligible upon receipt of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act Declaration Form.  Please note:  to receive benefits a new Application for Free or Reduced-Price Meals or Homeless Status Form must be submitted each school year.