Parents or guardians are responsible for the enrollment and regular attendance of their children.  Student attendance has a financial impact on the quality of education the school is able to provide.  Students need to understand that school is their number one priority.

When notifying the school of your student's absence, please ensure you include the following when you call-in, email, or send a note to the school:  Student's First Name, Last Name, Grade; ID Number; date and reason for absence, parent/guardian name and relationship to student; and a phone number where you can be reached in case of questions or follow-up.

With the exception of an unforeseen emergency, reporting and clearing of absences will generally be a two-step process.

Step 1:

Parents should notify the school the day that their student will not be attending school. Parents will be allowed to report absences via email, note or phone call by accessing the attendance line providing the information as required. 

Step 2:

The timeline for verifying and clearing absences will be the day their student returns to school or no more than 2 days after returning to school. Parents will be allowed to verify and clear absences by submitting a written note or via email, phone call by accessing the attendance line, attendance email address or submitting the website attendance form. 

Please note: Students who have excessive excused absences, will NO LONGER be allowed to submit via email or phone call. They will be required to submit a written verification (a note). Per district policy, upon 14 or more days of excused absences, we request that any future absences for illness be verified by a physician.

After 2 school days, the unverified absence will turn to a cut and remain unexcused per the California Ed Code.